Introducing ClifRock Panel Masonry™ Technology

ClifRock’s Panel Masonry™ technology is a dramatic development in the construction of outdoor living spaces. This technology combines the traditional appearance of stone with a simplified installation method. ClifRock’s method is faster and easier while removing the complexities and hassles of traditional masonry methods and materials. Designed using select stones by a 20 year stone mason, ClifRock’s precast panels mirror the look and feel of their natural counterpart. Panels are precast using a fiber-reinforced, polymeric concrete mix design. This technology enables the homeowner to choose their stone profile and color palette to fit the natural landscape of their backyard.

ClifRock’s Authorized Installer Network consists of experienced outdoor remodeling companies that provide high-end products on a turnkey basis. In other words, we do more than just put some rocks around a pool; we create vibrant, artfully-crafted spaces that shout superiority and class. From full grottos and caves to outdoor kitchens with all the amenities, the sky is the limit when you choose any ClifRock products!

Custom-Designed Outdoor Masonry Products by the Professionals

Whatever your needs, we guarantee that you’re getting a quality renovation that offers incredible ROI and many years of enjoyment. The ClifRock Authorized Installer Network is made up of experts on everything from outdoor kitchens to breathtaking rock formations. Besides their stunning, luxurious aesthetics, some of the features our custom designs boast include:

  • Superior strength made specifically for outdoor use.
  • Resistance to harsh temperatures and climates.
  • Freeze/thaw stable for greater longevity.
  • Abrasion and impact resistance.
  • Quick and efficient installation!

… and much more!

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